GoPro HD HERO Reviews

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GoPro HD HERO ReviewDue to the overwhelming popularity of these revolutionary POV (point of view) cameras, there is no shortage of glowing GoPro HD HERO reviews. Based in northern California, GoPro has been making the world’s best, wearable digital camera since 2005.

In addition to the fact that the GoPro HD HERO camera is wearable, it’ll also mount to cars, bikes, motorcycles, helmets, surfboards, and virtually anything else imaginable. Thanks to the revolutionary versatility of GoPro cameras, capturing every second of your greatest adventures is now a reality.

GoPro HD HERO Review

In this GoPRO HD review, we’ll discuss the impressive specs and also share some of the things that popular media outlets and publications are currently saying about this groundbreaking high definition camera.

The GoPro HD HERO camera is an amazing piece of technology that has an endless number of applications, and we’re sure you’ll be hooked the minute you lay your hands on one. You’ve seen it all on the Internet: skydivers recording their exhilarating maneuvers, surfers catching killer waves, skateboarders filming jaw dropping stunts. These cameras are absolutely perfect for capturing all your extreme adventures from your own unique perspective. Why wait any longer? Now you have the chance to share all your sickest tricks with friends making them completely jealous and relive every second of your experience in stunning high definition for years to come. The cameras are incredibly easy to use – simply turn the camera on, press the shutter button and you’re ready to go. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

The GoPro HD HERO is currently the best-selling wearable digital camera in the world, and is available in both standard definition and 1080p HD versions. The killer 170 wide angle models provide the largest field of view of any other wearable camera on the market, critical to capture every bump, curve and jump. No more losing an important part of the scene, like filming the asphalt instead of your 360 on your skateboard, or shooting sand and birds instead of closeout barrels while surfing. With these cameras, you never have to miss a second of your adrenaline rich activities again.

Not only can you shoot professional quality video, but GoPro HD Hero cameras also have the ability to shoot automatic, hands-free 5MP pictures at 2/5/10/30 and 60 second intervals. That means you can push the shutter button once and record up to 2 ½ hours of high quality photos. Whether you’re bungee jumping, mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing, or skateboarding, you can perform all your stunts and not worry about a thing while the camera does all the work, capturing every moment in perfect consecutive order and documenting every death defying move.

GoPro HD HERO Reviews

One of the features we really liked about these cameras is the size. These lightweight cameras can fit into the palm of your hand and can easily be mounted in normally awkward places, like on the handlebars of mountain bikes or on the front of a surfboard, while not interfering with your performance. And talk about tough! The cameras are incredibly shockproof and able to take anything you dish out. Built to take a beating, you won’t have to panic if you see the camera skidding across the asphalt. What more could you ask for? If that weren’t enough, these cameras are waterproof down to 180 feet and include quick-release mounting accessories available for nearly any surface. You can take these cameras with you in the pouring rain, while surfing killer waves in Hawaii, whitewater rafting, or scuba diving.

The GoPro HERO batteries allows for up to 2 1/2 hour of recording time on a single charge and up to 9 hours when a 32GB card is used. It also features an integrated battery heating system for keeping your battery warm during extreme weather and cold water environments. The high definition sound system adds to the reality of the experience, filtering out unwanted wind and background noise without eliminating it completely.

Professionals are singing the praises of GoPro cameras. Companies like Red Bull, BFGoodrich, and Discount Tire, along with many film and TV production companies are using these cameras and are extremely impressed. However, don’t let the fact that these cameras are being used by professional videographers intimidate you. Thousands of normal, everyday athletes around the world are using these affordable cameras to capture all their epic moments. Why not join them?

When it comes to tough, versatile HD camcorders, the GoPro camera has no equal. This little camera has quickly garnered a cult following and is revolutionizing the video market for extreme sports, adventure travel, and outdoor sports.

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GoPro HD Hero Reviews in the Media

“When I saw the footage from the GoPro on our big screens at Skywalker Ranch, I was amazed…”

- Producer Rick McCallum, Lucasfilm, Ltd.

“…packs more power than most professional cameras on the market today.”

- The New York Times

“This is the best sports cam I’ve ever used.”

- Gizmodo 2008 & 2009 Top Selling Product Award

Best helmet cam for Men’s Journal’s Gear of the Year. “Top-notch image quality… affordable and easy to use”

- Men’s Journal, December 2009

“impossibly small cameras that go practically anywhere”

- / CNN, October 2010

“5 Stars”

- Mountain Bike Action Magazine, December 2009

“Gathered around the TV after the day’s riding, everybody was amazed such a small camera could take such high-quality, high-definition footage.”

- ATV Magazine, April 2010

“…after testing it for the past six months I can honestly say it’s one of the coolest, handiest little cameras I’ve ever used.”

- Mark Anders,

Editors Choice Award – Video Camera Category

- Backpacker Magazine, April 2009

“Small, rugged and durable packaging allows mounting on virtually anything….The results were nothing short of spectacular….”

- Modified Magazine, March 2010

“GoPro is setting the tone for wearable video cameras.”

- Gear Junkie, August 2009

“Bombproof build, quality video and loads of mounts. Essential for any adrenalin junkie – 5 Star Winner.”

- Stuff Magazine, July 2010

“This camera isn’t just easy to use, it’s addictive…the GoPro Motorsports HERO wins our nod for best all-around onboard (camera).”

- Autoweek Magazine

“First off, the GoPro HD Helmet HERO shoots amazing quality video for such a small package. To say it’s professional quality would be true, as I’ve even used it to shoot footage at my day job as a TV news videographer.”

- Utah Outside, March 2010

GoPro finishes first in Car and Driver’s Gear Box review. “The GoPro emerged as our favorite for one reason: picture quality.”

- Car and Driver, May 2010

“I can see GoPro completely dominating the POV market.”

- Ben DeCamp, Staff Photographer, Surfer Magazine

Point-of-view cameras such as the GoPro have revolutionized the sense of perspective in action sports.

- Red Bull, 2010

“The video quality is amazing, and if you can view it in high definition, it’s even more astounding that such a great picture can come from such a tiny, easy to use camera.”

- ATV Scene, February 2010

2008 & 2009 Top Selling Product Award

- Dealer News Top 100 Retailer Poll (Motorcycle Industry)

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  1. John says:

    I’ve had my GoPro HD HERO camera for a few weeks now, and I can’t get enough of this thing. It’s the sickest piece of technology i’ve ever laid my hands on, and my friends and I have been making some AMAZING point of view surf vids. Highly recommended, you will love this thing.

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